German Education Index

The German Education Index (FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank) presents the most comprehensive compilation of educationally relevant references in the German language area.

This service predominantly targets educational science (research and training), but it also delivers comprehensive services to educational practitioners (pre-primary school, primary and secondary education, special needs education etc.). The database records scholarly literature from all of the disciplines in educational science, as well as educational policy papers and practice-related texts and materials. Printed and online material published after 1980 is indexed: Journal articles, collective works, contributions to collective works and monographs are described by keywords and occasionally abstracts. Users are assisted in obtaining titles by direct links indicating where journals are held in German libraries and other links informing about the obtainability of journals.

In cooperation with:

  • German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF)
  • German Institute for Adult Education – Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE)
  • Georg-Eckert-Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI)
  • Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS)
  • Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN)
  • Leibniz-Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID)
  • Federal Union for Protection of Young Persons (BAJ)
  • Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)
  • Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft (BISp) (in German)
  • Comenius-Institut, Protestant Centre for Research and Development of Education (link)
  • Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure (FIZ)
  • German Rectors' Conference (HRK)
  • Institut für Hochschulforschung an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (HoF) (in German)
  • Informationszentrum für Fremdsprachenforschung an der Philipps-Universität Marburg (IFS) (in German)
  • Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
  • Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPIB)
  • Freie Universität Berlin (FU)
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig (link)
  • University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)
  • University of Kassel (link)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)
  • Osnabrück University (link)
  • Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK)
  • University Library of Erlangen-Nürnberg (UB FAU)
  • German National Library of Economics (ZBW)
  • Verbund für Bildung und Kultur (Austria) (VBK) (in German)
  • Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK)
  • Information and Documentation Centre of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (IDES)
  • Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education (SKBF)
  • Stiftung Schweizer Zentrum für Heil- und Sonderpädagogik (SZH) (in German)
  • Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) (UBB)
  • Faculty for Psychology and Educational Sciences at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (link)
  • Departement für Pädagogik und Didaktik in Deutscher Sprache at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (link) (in German)

Project management: Alexander Botte

Contact: Nicole Schweda (schweda[at]

Duration: Lasting Cooperation (since 1993)

Funding: Federal Government and federal states (institutional funding)

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