Forum On Educational Policy

The Forum On Educational Policy (information in German only) with the topic "Early Childhood Education" took place on 25th September in Berlin. The next Forum will take place on October 23th 2019.

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IFO on 05.12.2018, 09:00 h
The ECB's Fiscal Policy

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DIW on 04.12.2018, 01:13 h
Marcel Fratzscher: „Euro area reform deal is a disappointing compromise“

The euro area reform deal is a disappointing compromise. It does not advance Europe; rather, this deal reveals that apparently, another serious crisis must occur before governments will abandon their national egotisms. The lowest common denominator in the negotiations was so low that little is likely to change. The compromise regarding the banking union is so vague I doubt it will be realistic to implement it soon. Agreements on the capital market union and to advance integration in the internal market for services are completely lacking in this deal. There is no macroeconomic stabilization tool to help struggling countries avoid a recession. [...] ( more )

IAMO on 03.12.2018, 12:21 h
Registration for the GFFA expert panel is now open

Within the framework of the International Green Week 2019, an expert panel entitled ?Going digital against the drought - New technologies and challenges in their implementation? will take place on 18 January 2019 in the CityCube Berlin, Germany. ( more )

DIW on 03.12.2018, 04:00 h
Social Sustainability Labels: Promises and Reality in the Example of Fairtrade-Coffee

By Pio Baake , Jana Friedrichsen , and Helene Naegele Fairtrade certification is intended to improve both the income and living conditions of producers, thereby creating more fairness in international trade. However, theoretical considerations and empirical studies show that this goal is only achieved to a limited extent, at least for coffee: Faitrade certification leads at best to small increases in income for coffee farmers. The results on the reduction of income volatility, payments used to implement social projects, and improved access to credit are also mixed. Fairtrade is a means of market segmentation for roasters and retailers. [...] [...] ( more )

IFO on 30.11.2018, 12:00 h
ifo Newsletter November 2018

The ifo Newsletter offers monthly reports in German on ifo's latest research results, key publications, selected events, personnel matters, forthcoming dates and much more. ( more )

IFO on 29.11.2018, 11:00 h
ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern Germany Falls to Lowest Level in 2018

Along with the cold snap in the weather, eastern Germany?s economic climate cooled down considerably in November. The ifo Business Climate Index for trade and industry in eastern Germany fell from 106.3 to 104.3 points this month. Survey participants scaled back both their assessments of the current business situation and their business expectations significantly compared to last month. ( more )

IFO on 28.11.2018, 09:30 h
ifo Employment Barometer Falls Sharply

German businesses are still recruiting, but on a smaller scale than recently. The ifo Employment Barometer fell to 103.5 points in November from 104.6 points in October. The number of employees in Germany will continue to increase, albeit at a slower pace. ( more )

IAMO on 28.11.2018, 03:35 h
EuroTier 2018: Opportunities and risks on the pork markets in Russia and China

At this year's EuroTier in Hanover, Germany, IAMO and the German Agribusiness Alliance at the German Eastern Business Association hosted an expert forum entitled ?Trends in global pork markets in light of the Russian import ban? on 16 November 2018. ( more )

IFO on 27.11.2018, 12:00 h
Erich Streissler

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IFO on 27.11.2018, 12:00 h
Brexit and the Euro Crisis: What Kind of Union Do we Want?

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IFO on 27.11.2018, 09:00 h
Allemagne : Révision à la hausse des prévisions concernant le volume des exportations

Le climat pour les exportations allemandes s'améliore quelque peu. Les prévisions de l'Institut ifo concernant le volume des exportations de l'industrie allemande ont été revues à la hausse en novembre, pour passer à 12,2 points contre 11,7 points en octobre. Les entreprises d'export se tiennent bien dans un environnement économique mondial difficile. ( more )

IFO on 27.11.2018, 09:00 h
Germany: Export Expectations Rise

Sentiment among German exporters recovered slightly this month. The ifo Export Expectations for German industry rose to 12.2 balance points in November from 11.7 balance points in October. German exporters are holding their ground in a difficult economic environment. ( more )

IFO on 26.11.2018, 10:30 h
ifo Business Climate Index Falls

Sentiment among German businesses weakened further this month. The ifo Business Climate Index fell to 102.0 points in November from 102.9 points (seasonally adjusted) in October, marking its third consecutive decrease. Companies scaled back their assessments of the current business situation albeit from a high level. Their business expectations also clouded over. Together with other indicators, these results point to 0.3 percent economic growth in the fourth quarter at most. The German economy is cooling down. ( more )

DIW on 26.11.2018, 02:17 h
Gert G. Wagner was awarded the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Gert G. Wagner was awarded the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany on September 3, 2018, by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for his services to the Federal Republic of Germany. The cross was presented on November 19, 2018, by Berlin’s Secretary of State, Christian Gaebler. As a Professor Emeritus, Gert G. Wagner continues to be very active in research and policy work: he is working as a Senior Research Fellow at the SOEP and as a Max Planck Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. In April, he joined the network of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society as a Research Associate. [...] ( more )

DIW on 26.11.2018, 02:09 h
Jürgen Schupp re-appointed to the Rat für Kulturelle Bildung

Jürgen Schupp was re-appointed to the Rat für Kulturelle Bildung (Council for Cultural Education) as an expert for three years until 2021.
The  Rat für Kulturelle Bildung is an independent advisory board that analyzes the situation and quality of cultural education in Germany and makes recommendations based on exposés and studies for policy makers, researchers, and practical applications.
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IFO on 26.11.2018, 01:00 h
L'indice du climat des affaires se détériore, selon l'Institut ifo

L'ambiance se détériore chez les chefs d'entreprise allemands. L'indice de l'Institut ifo est descendu à 102,0 points en novembre, après avoir atteint 102,9 points (corrigé de façon saisonnière) en octobre. Il s'agit du troisième recul consécutif. Les entreprises évaluent la situation actuelle de façon plus négative, même si elle reste à un niveau élevé. Leurs prévisions s'assombrissent également. Ces éléments, ainsi que d'autres indicateurs, laissent prévoir une croissance d'au maximum 0,3 % au quatrième trimestre. La conjoncture économique allemande ralentit. ( more )

IAMO on 23.11.2018, 02:40 h
IAMO invites farmers to participate in online survey

As part of the European research project ?Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems? (SURE-Farm), IAMO scientist Hendrik Daskiewicz is conducting an online survey on ?Resilience and sustainability of agricultural enterprises in Europe?. ( more )

DIW on 22.11.2018, 03:07 h
Report on the first CNEF User Workshop at DIW Berlin

From November 5 to 7, DIW Berlin hosted the SOEP’s first international workshop on longitudinal data management and analysis.
In contrast to our regular German SOEP workshops, this one was devoted specifically to comparative longitudinal and cross-country designs using the SOEP and its international sister household panels. Paula Fomby of the University of Michigan and Marco Giesselmann of the SOEP introduced the 20 researchers from four continents in attendance to the SOEP and the US Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) over the first two days of the workshop. The third day of the workshop consisted of sessions on cross-country [...] ( more )

DIW on 22.11.2018, 02:29 h
Report on the first InGRID-2 Summer School at DIW Berlin

Summer School “Advanced Research on Integration of Migrants and Refugees” and EU-SILC Training Workshop “Comparative Research on Migration”, October 22-26, 2018 The 2018 summer school for early-stage researchers combined advanced research on the integration of refugees and migrants with training in the use of a clone of EU-SILC longitudinal data for Germany. The clone was created with the help of SOEP data and is especially valuable in the study of methodological issues in migration research. The different migration subsamples in the SOEP allow more detailed analysis of first- and later-generation migrants in Germany than [...] ( more )

IAMO on 21.11.2018, 04:05 h
4th Sino-German Agricultural Week

As a platform for promoting policy, scientific and business dialogue between China and Germany, the 4th Sino-German Agricultural Week entitled ?Science & Technology Leading Green Development? will be held from 26 to 28 November 2018 in Beijing, China. ( more )

IFO on 20.11.2018, 12:00 h
CESifo Newsletter 2018/09

The CESifo Newsletter provides brief summaries of the most recently published CESifo Working Papers, as well as reporting on all CESifo events, news from the ifo Institute and the CESifo Group's most recent guests. ( more )

IFO on 20.11.2018, 11:00 h
ifo Institute Expects US Current Account Deficit to Increase Slightly in 2018

The ifo Institute expects a further increase in the US current account deficit, despite the introduction of tariffs by US President Donald Trump. The US current account deficit is expected to total 464 billion US dollars in 2018, or 2.5 percent of annual economic output, according to projections calculated by the ifo Institute based on mid-year figures on the occasion of the annual conference of the EconPol research network. ( more )

IAMO on 20.11.2018, 10:36 h
Presentation slides and photos from the conference on “Social science knowledge and sustainable agricultural development along the Silk Road” online

IAMO together with Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME) co-organized a conference from 30 October to 1 November 2018 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. ( more )

DIW on 20.11.2018, 04:10 h
Review: DIW Europe Lecture with Margrethe Vestager

On November 19 Margrethe Vestager was the speaker at the 5th DIW Europe Lecture. Margarethe Vestager is EU Commissioner for Competition and gave her lecture on “How Europe can cooperate to compete”. You may find a review of the event here The DIW Europe Lecture is a lecture series by leading policy-makers and academics on the future of Europe. The series aims at fostering and informing the debate on key European policy issues, and at bringing this debate to the heart of Germany's policy-making in Berlin. In the series lectures were delivered by Christine Lagarde , Managing Director of the IMF,  Mario Draghi , president of [...] ( more )

IAMO on 20.11.2018, 02:51 h

IAMO is looking for a postdoc researcher in the Agricultural Markets department/China Research Group, a postdoc researcher for the TRAFOBIT project, a PhD student in the Agricultural Policy department, a staff member for Bachelor of Science Informatik and a student assistant library. ( more )

IFO on 19.11.2018, 11:00 h
Chinese exporters bear costs of Trump’s trade war, say EconPol researcher

Import tariffs introduced by the United States and China in September will see Chinese exporters bear approximately 75% of the costs, with the US extracting a net welfare gain of USD 18.4 billion, according to new research from EconPol Europe. ( more )

IFO on 19.11.2018, 09:00 h
Les producteurs chinois sont les plus touchés par les droits de douane des États-Unis

Les droits de douane à l'importation imposés par les États-Unis sur les biens chinois sont supportés, pour les trois quarts, par les fabricants chinois. L'économie nationale américaine en retire un bénéfice total d'environ 18,4 milliards de dollars. ( more )

DIW on 19.11.2018, 04:13 h
Joachim Herz Foundation Fellowship awarded to Magdalena Krieger

Magdalena Krieger has been awarded a 2018 Joachim Herz Foundation “Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Economics" in the amount of 12,500 euros.
The fellowship’s aim is to support PhD students and post-docs working on interdisciplinary economic questions. The fellowship goes to support her dissertation on immigrant families and their integration into the German labor market.
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IAMO on 16.11.2018, 11:55 h
Today starts the forum at EuroTier 2018

Under the title ?Trends in global pork markets in light of the Russian import ban?, a forum will take place at the EuroTier in Hanover, Germany. ( more )

DIW on 14.11.2018, 07:30 h
Innovative Business Models for Clean-techs

Abstract: The energy transition plays a critical role in climate change mitigation, yet it is not occurring at a speed that effectively meets greenhouse gas reduction targets ( IPCC, 2018 ). Policy makers are confronting the challenge to unlock flexibility and efficiency of energy systems. Among others, the European Commission ( 2016a , 2016b , 2017a , 2017b ), the German Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWI (2017) and the former British Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC (2015) call for new business models (BMs) to overcome the inertia prevalent in the system.
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IFO on 12.11.2018, 09:00 h
ifo World Economic Climate Deteriorates Further

The ifo World Economic Climate deteriorated for the third time in succession. The indicator dropped from +2.9 points to -2.2 points this quarter. Assessments of the current economic situation deteriorated significantly, but nevertheless remain above their long-term average. Economic expectations were also scaled back considerably. Growth is waning in the world economy. ( more )

IFO on 12.11.2018, 09:00 h
Selon l'Institut ifo, le climat économique mondial se détériore encore

Le climat économique mondial connait son troisième recul consécutif, selon l'Institut ifo. Au quatrième trimestre, l'indice a diminué, passant de +2,9 à -2,2 points. L'évaluation de la situation s'est fortement détériorée, mais reste encore supérieure à sa moyenne à long terme. Les prévisions ont également été revues nettement à la baisse. La croissance de l'économie mondiale faiblit. ( more )