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About the Research Network

Who we are

Experts from education science, economics, information science / computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, political science, psychology, social science and subject didactics have formed a research alliance of 22 institutions, the Leibniz Education Research Network Alliance (LERN), to bring together their expertise and to strengthen visibility for sponsors, political stakeholders, educational administrators and in view of the public at large.

Learn more about LERN in our information brochure.

Our goals

Education is key to individual professional success and social participation. Education strengthens social cohesion and is crucial for wealth and economic development in modern societies. How can the potentials of education and for education be put to a better use? The Leibniz Education Research Network Alliance (LERN) sets out to seek better leverage, at the individual, institutional and societal levels, for reliable concepts and promising reforms.


Four pillars of activity

The Leibniz Education Research Network alliance (LERN) has four main goals which relate to its research and outreach activities: Joint Research Areas, Exchange of Research Expertise, International Networking Activities and Knowledge Transfer.