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Leibniz Postdoctoral Network (LPN)


  • Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN)
  • Faculty for Natural Sciences at the University of Magdeburg (NAT)
  • University Hospital Magdeburg (link)

Target Group

Postdocs from the participating institutions


The network includes members from the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN), the University of Magdeburg (Faculty for Natural Sciences) and the University Hospital Magdeburg enabling to translate fundamental research into clinical applications.

The primary goal of this project is to establish a network to foster research on the physiological impact of monoamines on neuronal brain circuits, and to increase the impact of the individual research of young investigators on this emerging, internationally highly competitive field.

In addition to promoting scientific excellence the network is a means to establish gender equal opportunity and optimal mentoring of young investigators. The scientists at the postdoc stage are prepared for taking group leader positions by establishing their already developed research program within the scientific community.

Theme Focus

Research on the physiological impact of monoamines on neuronal brain circuits.


With respect to advanced soft-skill training the workflow in the network is targeted to achieve qualification for large-grant recruitment (EU grants, especially ERC starting grants). This has three aspects:

First, once every three years, network members will participate in a KAP (knowledge, attitude, practice) assessment center in which their respective KAP profiles will be individually tailored. This helps each network member to develop and adapt the appropriate publication and marketing strategies for his or her research.
Second, LPN members will be trained by experienced principal investigator and administrators in scientific and political strategies to establish EU-wide networks.

Third, each network project and each postdoc will be intensively coached according to technology transfer aspects by the principal investigators and by the life-science technology-transfer partner Ascenion. The emphasis here is less on particular patent development than on training the postdocs in their abilities to transfer their research results into applications.

In addition, network members will have a budget for organizing their own colloquia series that will help to establish personal connections to other leaders in their respective fields. In the final year an international symposium is planned with external field leaders for further disseminating of the scientific results achieved in the network.


Prof. Dr. Frank Ohl
Phone: +49 391 / 62 63 - 95 481
Email: Frank.Ohl[at]

Funding Organizations

Leibniz Association

Partners in the Network