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Ifo Doctoral Programme


  • Ifo Institute – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich
  • Center for Economic Studies (CES)
  • Ludwig Maximilians Universität München (LMU)
  • Munich Graduate School of Economics (MGSE)

Target Group

Doctoral students in economics


As part of its academic economic research, the Ifo Institute is deeply committed to training highly qualified junior researchers. It works closely with the LMU (University of Munich) in the field of doctoral level training.

This applies also to the doctoral students of the Ifo Center for the Economics of Education. Within the Ifo Doctoral Programme the students participate in the structured Ph.D. programme of the Munich Graduate School of Economics (MGSE) at the LMU. The courses of the MGSE are comparable to the programme and level of the first two years at American graduate schools.

The Ifo Doctoral Programme has the following components:

  • As a rule the doctoral students have a dissertation supervisor at the Economics Faculty of the LMU. They attend seminars at the LMU graduate programme.
  • They also participate in the Lunchtime Seminars of both the Center for Economic Studies and the Ifo Institute.
  • The econometric skills necessary for empirical research are enhanced at university seminars and at special courses at the Ifo Institute with international econometric specialists.
  • The doctoral students apply for participation at internationally conferences and thus present their research internationally.
  • With the help of experienced economists in CESifo Group, the students publish articles in refereed journals.
  • The doctoral students also gain experience by participating in empirical economic research projects. They learn the instruments of project management, including presentation techniques and they work on policy-advice projects.

The Ifo Institute considers supporting junior economists to be one of its key tasks. This task also involves offering internships for students. The Ifo Center for the Economics of Education regularly employs trainees who work on current research projects. Thus they get first insights into empirical economic research.


The Ifo Doctoral Programme contains own research, participation in empirical economic research projects and the structured Ph.D.-courses of the MGSE as well as partly teaching.

Doctoral students are free to choose which courses to take within the context of the graduate curriculum.

CES Lecture Series
Short lectures offered by international visiting professors of the Center for Economic Studies (CES).

Event Titles (examples):                    

  • Sanjay Chugh, Boston College, Macro-Labor Analysis
  • Mirco Tonin, University of Southampton, Forensic Economics
  • Tracy Yue Wang, University of Minnesota, Corporate Securities Fraud and Securities Market Regulation
  • Paul Schweinzer, University of York, Contest Design
  • Don Fullerton, University of Illinois, General Equilibrium Analysis of Environmental Tax Policy
  • Yunus Aksoy, University of London, Uncertainties in Macroeconomic Modelling

Ph.D. lecture program at CES

  • In the summer semester the lectures given focus on Political Economics.
  • In the winter semester the lectures given focus on Systems Competition and Intergenerational Economics or Capital Income Taxation alternately.      

Ifo Lunchtime Seminar

  • Ifo researchers present their current research in progress

CES lunchtime seminar

  • Doctoral students will present their own research work.


Dr. Marc Piopiunik
Email: piopiunik[at]

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