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Network on education research by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation


The Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology (HIB) as well as the Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS) and the education group of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) are part of the network on education research, established by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation.

Target Group

  • Researchers from different disciplines including Education Science, Educational Research, Sociology, Educational Economics and Vocational Education Studies
  • Early career researchers


  • To strengthen Empirical Education Research in Baden-Württemberg
  • To build a stable, inter-disciplinary research network that creates a long-term data base on vocational training

Theme Focus

Conditions and consequences of (un)successful transitions to vocational training and the labour market


  • Regular conferences for discussing early findings, new developments and trends and strengthening collaboraitons
  • Special conferences for early career researchers which provide a unique environment for planning and pursuing acadamic careers

Activities at the ZEW:
Together with the research associate Bernd Fitzenberger the project "Pupils' transitions into higher secondary education or dual education in two localities of Baden-Württemberg" is conducted.

In this project, panel data shall be collected on secondary school pupils in the cities Mannheim and Freiburg. The aim is to investigate the transition from lower secondary education into higher secondary or dual education in Baden-Württemberg, a region with highly innovative and internationally successful firms.
To the Project description at the ZEW:

Activities at GESIS:
Currently there is a lack of longitudinal data that provides information on educational decisions and success in transitions from school into vocational training and into employment. In order to create such data for Baden-Württemberg, a panel study is planned. Pupils from the end of compulsory education will be followed through the vocational training up to the entrance into employment. This panel study will be planned and designed in the project and its feasibility will be evaluated.

Specifically, the three years of funding will be used to prepare such a panel. The selling points of the Baden-Württemberg-Panel are the tight integration of data from the academic and the professional context, the acquisition of skills development after the completion of compulsory schooling and a detailed consideration of the specific institutional arrangements and the regional training markets.


Prof. Dr Ulrich Trautwein (Spokesperson)
Phone: +49 7071 / 29 - 739 36
Email: Ulrich.Trautwein[at]

Dr. Katharina Lambert (Scientific Coordination)
Phone: +49 7071 / 29 - 741 35
Email: nebf[at]

Funding Organizations

Baden-Württemberg Foundation

Partners in the Network