Forum On Educational Policy

The Forum On Educational Policy (information in German only) with the topic "Early Childhood Education" took place on 25th September in Berlin. The next Forum will take place on October 23th 2019.

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Press Releases

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ZEW on 05.12.2018, 12:00 h
Press Release: ZEW Sponsors’ Association Grants Two New Science Prizes

The Sponsors? Association for Science and Practice of the Centre for European Economic Research , Mannheim, has granted two new science prizes. Dr. Dominik Rehse, senior researcher at ZEW, was awarded for the best scientific performance. The prize for the best economic policy advising project went to the ZEW researchers Professor Irene Bertschek, Dr. Jörg Ohnemus, Dr. Thomas Niebel and Dr. Christian Rammer. Both prizes are endowed with 5,000 euros each. The prizes were handed over by Claudia Diem, board member of BW-Bank and member of the ZEW Sponsors? Association. ( more )

ZEW on 04.12.2018, 12:00 h
Press Release: Eurozone Reform Proposals Are Well-Balanced

At their most recent meeting, the European finance ministers have agreed on a reform proposal for the monetary union. Professor Friedrich Heinemann, head of the Research Department ?Corporate Taxation and Public Finance? at the Centre for European Economic Research , comments on the reform deal. ( more )

ZEW on 29.11.2018, 12:00 h
Press Release: German ICT Sector Builds on Previous Success

In 2017, the information and communication technology sector in Germany managed to increase its gross value added to 108 billion euros. This corresponds to a four per cent increase compared to the previous year. The number of employees subject to social insurance contributions and self-employed persons has risen to just under 1.2 million, meaning that a total of almost 250,000 new jobs have been created in the ICT sector since 2010 ? an increase of 27 per cent. These and other findings can be found in the most recent DIGITAL Economy Monitoring Report, compiled by the Centre for European Economic Research , Mannheim, in collaboration with [...] ( more )

ZEW on 29.11.2018, 12:00 h
Press Release: German Municipalities with Low Trade Taxes Still More Attractive Than California and New York

Even after the US tax reform with its massive tax cuts, German municipalities with low trade taxes still offer more advantageous tax conditions than important US states such as California or New York. This is the key finding of a recent study carried out by the Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim on behalf of the Bavarian Industry Association . ( more )

IFO on 29.11.2018, 11:00 h
ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern Germany Falls to Lowest Level in 2018

Along with the cold snap in the weather, eastern Germany?s economic climate cooled down considerably in November. The ifo Business Climate Index for trade and industry in eastern Germany fell from 106.3 to 104.3 points this month. Survey participants scaled back both their assessments of the current business situation and their business expectations significantly compared to last month. ( more )

ZEW on 28.11.2018, 12:00 h
Press Release: Cultural and Creative Industries in Germany – Gross Value Added and Number of Core Employees Rises Significantly

In 2017 the cultural and creative industries in Germany once again experienced a significant increase in the number of core employees, which rose to a total of 1.159 million. Gross value added also developed positively, reaching 102.4 billion euros last year. The cultural and creative industries were able to match the high levels achieved in the previous year with respect to both sales and the number of companies. These are some of the findings of the 2018 Monitoring Report on the state of cultural and creative industries in Germany compiled on an annual basis by the Centre for European Economic Research , Mannheim, and Fraunhofer ISI on behalf [...] ( more )

IFO on 28.11.2018, 09:30 h
ifo Employment Barometer Falls Sharply

German businesses are still recruiting, but on a smaller scale than recently. The ifo Employment Barometer fell to 103.5 points in November from 104.6 points in October. The number of employees in Germany will continue to increase, albeit at a slower pace. ( more )

IFO on 27.11.2018, 09:00 h
Allemagne : Révision à la hausse des prévisions concernant le volume des exportations

Le climat pour les exportations allemandes s'améliore quelque peu. Les prévisions de l'Institut ifo concernant le volume des exportations de l'industrie allemande ont été revues à la hausse en novembre, pour passer à 12,2 points contre 11,7 points en octobre. Les entreprises d'export se tiennent bien dans un environnement économique mondial difficile. ( more )

IFO on 27.11.2018, 09:00 h
Germany: Export Expectations Rise

Sentiment among German exporters recovered slightly this month. The ifo Export Expectations for German industry rose to 12.2 balance points in November from 11.7 balance points in October. German exporters are holding their ground in a difficult economic environment. ( more )

ZEW on 26.11.2018, 12:00 h
Press Release: German Regulator Makes Many Compromises in 5G Spectrum Auction

The Advisory Council of the Bundesnetzagentur has approved the proposed auction rules for the allocation of 5G frequencies in spring 2019. Professor Achim Wambach, president of the Centre for European Economic Research , Mannheim, and chair of the Monopolies Commission, comments on the award conditions which will determine the allocation procedure. ( more )

IFO on 26.11.2018, 10:30 h
ifo Business Climate Index Falls

Sentiment among German businesses weakened further this month. The ifo Business Climate Index fell to 102.0 points in November from 102.9 points (seasonally adjusted) in October, marking its third consecutive decrease. Companies scaled back their assessments of the current business situation albeit from a high level. Their business expectations also clouded over. Together with other indicators, these results point to 0.3 percent economic growth in the fourth quarter at most. The German economy is cooling down. ( more )