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DIW on 19.10.2017, 09:21 h
Day care centers: family expenditures increased significantly at some points between 1996 and 2015

Private household expenditures on child care in centers have significantly risen: from an average of 98 euros per month in 2005 to just under 171 euros in 2015 for a child under three and for children three and older (“Kindergarten” age group), from 71 to 97 euros in the period between 1996 and 2015. At the same time, more and more households are completely exempt from paying fees for day care. However, relative to their income, households on or below the poverty line that have day care expenditures still pay virtually the same amount as other households. For the first time, based on data from the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and the [...] ( more )

DIPF on 17.10.2017, 09:00 h
Educational Technologies in Times of a Data-Driven Society

Inaugural lecture of Professor Dr. Hendrik Drachlser on 30 October at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main ( more )

DIW on 13.10.2017, 11:00 h
Microenterprises in Developing Countries: Is there Growth Potential?

Abstract: Microenterprises account for a large fraction of employment in developing countries and they are likely to increase in importance in the future. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, around 8 million additional jobs need to be created annually in order to cope with the increasing number of new entrants into the labour market (The World Bank, 2013) . As microenterprises typically only provide subsistence income to few individuals the question remains whether they have the potential to grow and to contribute to the creation of jobs. Studies suggest that many businesses do indeed have the potential to grow. However, they often lack the [...] ( more )

IAMO on 12.10.2017, 11:45 h
Registration for workshop “Agricultural Policies in Russia” is still possible until 20 October

IAMO and the All-Russian Institute for Agrarian Problems and Informatics (VIAPI) will organize a workshop entitled ?Agricultural Policies in Russia: Insights from Economics and Political Economy? on 25 October 2017 at the Moscow State University, Russia. ( more )

DIW on 11.10.2017, 09:07 h
SET-Nav project

DIW on the 4th and 5th of October, 2017 invited representatives from 14 research institutes across Europe to convene in Berlin. The SET-Nav project under the direction of Vienna University of Technology focuses on establishment of a clean, safe, and efficient energy pathways for the European SET Project. The project partners, including the NTNU Trondheim (Norway), Universidad Comillas Madrid and Fraunhofer ISI model long term and low-carbon Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan and examine the characteristics of innovation throughout the energy sector. A major and novel contribution of the project is the consideration of not only the energy [...] ( more )

DIW on 11.10.2017, 09:01 h
Financial literacy promotes financial inclusion in both poor and rich countries

For social and economic reasons, national economies benefit from the inclusion of as many people as possible in financial services. In a cross country study, the present study shows that financial literacy for the general population promotes financial inclusion. This relationship goes beyond the effect of higher economic or financial development. And the effect of higher levels of financial literacy is greatest on the “use of financial products” in financial systems that are more developed. On the contrary, the educational effect on “access to finance” is greatest for countries that are financially less developed. Economic [...] ( more )

WZB on 04.10.2017, 12:02 h
New director: Macartan Humphreys

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DIPF on 02.10.2017, 04:30 h
Professor Dr. em. Lutz Eckensberger receives Ernst-E.-Boesch-Prize 2017

The former Director of DIPF was awarded the prize by the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie in September 2017. ( more )

IAMO on 29.09.2017, 10:53 h
IAMO welcomes delegation from Belarus

On 28 September 2017, three representatives of the Belarusian State University, Department of Geography, and the Belarussian Geographic Society, both based in Minsk, visited IAMO. ( more )

IFO on 29.09.2017, 08:00 h
ifo Viewpoint No. 189: Germany’s “Jamaica” Coalition and its Economic Policy

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IFO on 28.09.2017, 12:05 h
Business For German Architects Better Than Ever

The ifo Business Climate for freelance architects is more favourable this quarter than it has ever been since the survey?s launch almost 40 years ago. Assessments of the current business situation were again far better than in previous quarters. Just under ten percent of survey participants assessed their order situation as poor, versus 58 percent who described it as good. Not a single architect surveyed in one in three German Laender (Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia) was dissatisfied with the current business situation. Around 15 percent even expect their order situation to improve [...] ( more )

IFO on 28.09.2017, 11:00 h
Joint Economic Forecast Autumn 2017: Upturn Remains Robust – Amid Mounting Tensions

The German economic upturn has gained both in terms of strength and breadth. In addition to consumer spending, external trade and investments are now also contributing to economic expansion. These are the conclusions drawn by the economic research institutes involved in their autumn expert opinion for the German federal government. Whereas the very high economic momentum in the first half of the current year will slow slightly, economic output expansion this year and next will exceed production capacity growth. As a result, overall capacity utilization will increase, with economic output exceeding potential output. Gross Domestic Product is likely to [...] ( more )

IFO on 28.09.2017, 11:00 h
ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern Germany Rises

The ifo Business Climate Index for eastern German trade and industry rose from 113.9 to 114.9 points (seasonally-adjusted) in September, hitting a new record high. This was due to a clear improvement in survey participants? business expectations. They assessed their ongoing business less favourably than last month. ( more )

DIW on 28.09.2017, 11:00 h
Joint Economic Forecast Autumn 2017: Upturn Remains Robust - Amid Mounting Tensions

Abstract: Press release of the project group "Gemeinschaftsdiagnose": German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), ifo Institute, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research
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IFO on 28.09.2017, 10:00 h
ifo Newsletter September 2017

The ifo Newsletter offers monthly reports in German on ifo's latest research results, key publications, selected events, personnel matters, forthcoming dates and much more. ( more )

DIW on 28.09.2017, 10:00 h
Does more education protect against mental health problems?

Abstract: Mental health conditions are a leading cause of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) and health costs worldwide: They account for 199 million DALYs or 37 percent of healthy life years lost from non-communicable diseases. The sum of direct and indirect costs worldwide were estimated to amount to 2.5 trillion US dollars in 2010 and projected to increase to 6 trillion US dollars in 2030 ( Bloom et al., 2010 ).
The heavy financial and societal burdens of mental health impairments also mean that prevention measures to alleviate these problems will have high financial and societal returns. Education has been theorized to be such a [...] ( more )

IFO on 28.09.2017, 02:00 h
CESifo Newsletter 2017/07

The CESifo Newsletter provides brief summaries of the most recently published CESifo Working Papers, as well as reporting on all CESifo events, news from the Ifo Institute and the CESifo Group's most recent guests. ( more )

IFO on 27.09.2017, 09:00 h
Employment Barometer Climbs to Record High

The ifo Employment Barometer climbed from 111.2 points in August to 112.3 points this month, hitting an all-time high. The willingness of German firms to recruit new staff rose to its highest level since the survey?s launch in 2002. Employment figures in Germany are expected to grow further in the months ahead as a result. ( more )

DIW on 27.09.2017, 09:00 h
Op-ed of Franco-German Economist Group on EMU reforms

The euro area has recently seen some good news. A broad-based economic recovery is under way. Significant institutional reforms have been achieved, particularly in the area of banking union. Significant economic reforms are under way in several countries, including in France. As French and German economists committed to Europe and to the friendship between our countries, we are nonetheless concerned that the Euro area continues to face significant fragilities. Addressing these requires a comprehensive, collaborative push for reforms. If this effort fails, the chances that a major fiscal and financial crisis will reoccur in the Euro area in the [...] ( more )

IFO on 27.09.2017, 08:00 h
German Export Expectations Pick Up

The ifo Export Expectations rose from 18.2 balance points in August to 18.7 balance points in September. The strong euro failed to dampen exporters? spirits. The Eurozone remains the key driver of German exports. ( more )

DIW on 27.09.2017, 04:47 h
Renewable Energy Policy : Risk Hedging Is Taking Center Stage

The costs of renewable energy technologies have fallen sharply. Now the financing costs of new installations are playing an increasing role in the overall cost of Germany’s energy transition. This has put the primary focus of support instruments for renewable energy on creating more affordable financing conditions for investments. This report compares the effects of various policy instruments on risk factors and on the costs of financing investment in the energy transition. Based on a survey evaluation and calculations, our analysis shows significant increases in the financing costs under green certificates and fixed premiums. These are [...] ( more )

IAMO on 27.09.2017, 04:23 h
ANICANET Summer School at IAMO

Since 25 September, 15 researchers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan join the ANICANET Summer School at IAMO. ( more )

IAMO on 27.09.2017, 03:52 h
Coordinator of China International Research Group represents IAMO at BMBF delegation trip to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Dr. Lena Kuhn, researcher at IAMO and coordinator of the institute?s China International Research Group, participated in a delegation trip to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from 9 - 16 September 2017. ( more )

IFO on 27.09.2017, 02:00 h
Fuest Urges Germany to Accept Macron’s Brainstorming Invitation

ifo President Clemens Fuest has mixed feelings over French President Emmanuel Macron?s plans for Europe. ?In areas like foreign policy, security and trade policy it would certainly be helpful if there were greater scope for the EU to take action,? said Fuest. ?But I think that Macron?s plans for the Eurozone are flawed. Creating a euro budget or the position of a European Finance Minister will not solve the Eurozone?s problems. It is more important to ensure greater stability in the financial sector and closer alignment between liability and controls in economic and financial policy. In the end, Macron?s speech constitutes an invitation [...] ( more )

IFO on 26.09.2017, 08:00 h
ifo Business Climate Index for the Service Sector Creeps Higher

Sentiment among German service providers improved slightly. The business climate index rose from 110.6 points to 110.7 points in September. This upturn was due to more optimistic business expectations. By contrast, service providers slightly scaled back their assessments of the current business situation, which nevertheless remains good. Many service providers are planning to recruit more staff in the months ahead. ( more )

IFO on 25.09.2017, 10:30 h
ifo Business Climate Index Edges Downwards

The ifo Business Climate Index fell in September from 115.9 points to 115.2 points, but still remains way above its long-term average of 102.1 points (as of 1991). Companies were less satisfied with both their current business situation and their short-term outlook than in August. Germany?s economy nevertheless goes into the new legislative period with a strong tailwind. ( more )

IAMO on 21.09.2017, 01:43 h
IAMO Newsletter 3/2017 issued

IAMO involved in new DFG-funded research unit on land markets +++ IAMO partner in Horizon 2020 project SURE-Farm +++ New research project on animal husbandry in Central Asia +++ This and more news in IAMO Newsletter 3/2017, issued today. ( more )