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Technology-Oriented Assessment of Professional Competencies in Nursing (TEMA)

Research Question

This research project had the objective of developing and testing a technology-oriented instrument for the assessment of vocational competencies in elderly care. The instrument was designed to combine practical usability and scientific soundness. The aim was to develop an empirically tested competence model and assessment instrument to enable valid and internationally compatible measurement of vocational competencies using new technology-based assessment methods under application of probabilistic test theory.

Test Language


Test Period


Test Area

North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria

Population / Sample

trainees of health care and care for the elderly (end of 3rd year) and trainees of nursing (3rd year)

Sample Size

n= 402 trainees of health care and care for the elderly (end of 3rd year) and n= 52 trainees of nursing (3rd year)

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Computer-assisted test tasks to record the occupational competence in the care of the elderly, reading literacy and complementary questionnaire

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Persistent Identifier

DOI: 10.5159/IQB_TEMA_v1

Data Accessible via Research Data Centre

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Selection of Publications using the Data (in German)

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