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Panel “WeLL” – Employee Survey for the Project “Further Training as a Part of Lifelong Learning”

Research Question

As part of the project “Further Training as a Part of Lifelong Learning” (WeLL) an extensive innovative dataset is being established which contains information about further vocational training from employers and employees. In this survey the further training activities and the employment biographies of the respondents from the beginning of 2006 to late 2010 were recorded in detail. In addition, socio-demographic characteristics and information about income, household, job satisfaction and expectations regarding the future were collected.

Test Language


Test Period

January 2006 to late 2010

Test Area


Target Persons

Employees covered by social security

Population / Sample

Sample of employees from establishments in the IAB Establishment Panel, which was stratified according to establishment size class, industry and rate of investment

Sample Size

1st wave: 6,404
2nd wave: 4,894
3rd wave: 4,930
4th wave: 3,781

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Telephone Interview: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)

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Data Accessible via Research Data Centre

Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

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