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TOSCA-LAU (Aspects of Learning Background and learning Development – Grade 13 as well as Transformation of the Secondary School System and Academic Careers)

Research Question

The focus of the TOSCA-LAU 13 study was the level of learning and the suitability and affinity for university in the upper secondary school in Hamburg. This is the last survey wave of the longitudinal study LAU, which largely used instruments from the longitudinal study LAU.

Test Language


Test Period

TOSCA 2002: The assessment of the overall 149 participating schools took place before the final written exams in 58 schools (between February 11th and March 22nd, 2002). The remaining 91 schools were tested later, between the April 22nd and the Mai 17th, 2002.

LAU 13: The assessment took place in April 2005.

Test Area


Target Persons

LAU 13: All students in their final year in 2004/05 at upper secondary school in Hamburg.

Context Persons

Principals and division heads

Sample Size

108 schools (5.275 students)

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Math achievement test
English test
General cognitive abilities
Student questionnaires
Teacher questionnaires
Principal questionnaires

Selection of Publications using the Data

Trautwein, U., Köller, O., Lehmann, R. H. & Lüdtke, O. (Hrsg.) (2007). Schulleistungen von Abiturienten. Regionale, schulformbezogene und soziale Disparitäten. HANSE - Hamburger Schriften zur Qualität im Bildungswesen, (Bd. 3). Münster: Waxmann. (in German)

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