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Quality assessment of mathematics instruction at schools (QuaSUM)

Research Question

The main concern of this study was to investigate the learning outcomes in mathematics at the end of grades 5 and 9 and to analyse the contextual factors both inside and outside school that can be responsible for disparities in learning outcomes between different school forms or course levels, respectively, or else between schools of the same school type, and between grades or courses at the same school.

Test Language


Test Period


Test Area


Target Persons

Students from grades 5 and 9 at general education schools excluding special-needs schools and private schools

Context Persons

Mathematics teachers and parents of the selected student and the principals of the selected schools

Population / Sample

For the drawing of the sample of fifth graders from the population of 723 independent primary schools or comprehensive schools with adjoining primary school in the school year 1998/99 in Brandenburg initially special-needs schools, private schools and schools within pilot experiments were excluded.
With the provisio to include at least 2,000 fifth graders in the study, 34 primary schools and 22 comprehensive schools were drawn according to a listing of all of Brandenburg’s general educational state schools sorted by rural districts and school type.
For the drawing of the sample of ninth graders in the school year 1998/99 in Brandenburg resulted a population (“defined target group”) stratified by types of schools of 95 grammar schools (356 classes with 9,684 students), 74 secondary schools (213 classes with 5,587 students) and 251 comprehensive schools (783 classes with 19,511 students).
Accordingly to the predetermined sample size for ninth graders of at least 2,000 students for each of the four research groups 25 grammar schools, 25 secondary schools and 50 comprehensive schools were drawn.

Sample Size

n= circa 3,200 target persons (5th grade)
n= circa 9,300 target persons (9th grade)

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Competence tests in mathematics
Background questionnaires for students, teachers, school principals and parents

Persistent Identifier

DOI: 10.5159/IQB_QuaSUM_v1

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