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Educational Science knowledge and acquisition of professional competencies of prospective teachers (BilWiss)

Research Question

The starting hypothesis of the project was: Educational science contents and contexts outline a conceptual framework that teachers need in order to interpret and reflect on class and school events adequately and as such use it for their own competence development. On the basis of a prior educational scientific topic collection, a measurement instrument, that objectively and directly captures the conceptual-analytical knowledge of prospective teachers, was developed.

Test Language


Test Period


Test Area

North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

Target Persons

Prospective teachers at the beginning of the second phase of their training

Sample Size

n = 3,298 target persons (total sample)
n = circa 362 target persons (longitudinal sample)

Survey Procedure and Instruments

The aim of the study was the development of a new test for the assessment of the Educational science contents of teacher trainees.

The test contains two types of questions:

  1. Declarative knowledge-based questions where facts and theories had to be reproduced
  2. Conceptual-analytical knowledge-based questions where contents had to be referred to each other and applied to given situations or evaluated.

For both types of questions multiple choice tasks as well as tasks with short open responses were developed.

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Persistent Identifier

DOI: 10.5159/IQB_BilWiss_v1

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