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PISA-I-Plus 2003, 2004

Research Question

PISA-I-Plus is a national assessment scheme extending the cross-sectional design of the international PISA 2003 study to include an additional time of measurement, one year after the initial assessment.

The study aims to describe students' development in the fields of mathematics and science in the course of one school year. Additionally, personal characteristics, family background and learning environment were considered as factors influencing learning progress during the school year.

Test Language


Test Period

1st time of measurement 2003
2nd time of measurement 2004

Test Area and International Link

National / Restricted international connection by the international sample 2003

Target Persons

Students in grade 9 and 10 pursuing a Mittlerer Schulabschluss (general education school leaving certificate obtained upon completion of grade 10)

Population / Sample

The sample of PISA-I-Plus was derived from the German sample of the international PISA 2003 assessment of 9th graders. In 2004, a subsample of these students was tested again at the end of grade 10. In contrast to PISA 2003, lower secondary schools (Hauptschule) were excluded from the sample because students enrolled in these schools typically obtain a school leaving certificate after 9th grade. Oversampling for students with migration background.

Sample Size

n= 6,020 target persons

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Competence tests in mathematics and natural sciences and questionnaires for students

Link to the Detailed Description of the Study

Project description of the PISA 2003 study:

Persistent Identifier

DOI: 10.5159/IQB_PISA_I_Plus_v1

Data Accessible via Research Data Centre

To the Study Documentation at the FDZ at the IQB:

Information about the user conditions can be found here:

Documentation of Variables

See PISA 2003 (PDF):
(only available in German)


Monika Lacher
FDZ Secretary
Phone: +49 30 / 20 93 - 465 52
Email: fdz[at]

Selection of Publications using the Data

Prenzel, M. & Deutsches PISA-Konsortium (Hrsg.) (2006). PISA 2003. Untersuchungen zur Kompetenzentwicklung im Verlauf eines Schuljahres. Münster u.a.: Waxmann. (only available in German)

Prenzel, M. & Deutsches PISA-Konsortium (Hrsg.) (2005). PISA 2003. Der zweite Vergleich der Länder in Deutschland; was wissen und können Jungendliche? Münster u.a.: Waxmann. (only availablein German)

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