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Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS 2006)

Research Question

IGLU 2006 (international designation: PIRLS) was the second survey wave after IGLU 2001, in which 35 nations participated worldwide. Moreover, IGLU 2006 included a national expansion study (IGLU-E), in which all 16 German federal states were involved.

As also in 2001, the focal point of the study was the reading literacy of pupils at the end of fourth grade. Additional data were collected relating to their intention and motivation to read, their reading self-concept as well as their reading behaviour.

Moreover, pupils were asked about their educational, familial and political framework conditions.

Test Language


Test Period


Test Area and International Link

International survey and national supplementary study with all German Länder

Target Persons

Primary school students in grade 4 in primary schools and special education schools

Context Persons

Parents and German teachers of the selected student and the principals of the selected schools

Population / Sample

Primary school students in grade 4; Oversampling for Länder comparisons (For each federal state one class was drawn randomly from 25 schools [Northrhine-Westphalia: 35])

Sample Size

n= circa 8,000 target persons

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Competence tests in German - reading comprehension and questionnaires for students, teachers, school principals and parents

Link to the Detailed Description of the Study  (only available in German)

Persistent Identifier

DOI: 10.5159/IQB_IGLU_2006_v1

Data Accessible via Research Data Centre

To the Study Documentation at the FDZ at the IQB:

Information about the user conditions can be found here:

Documentation of Variables

Not accessible freely (printed: Bos, W., Strietholt, R., Goy, M., Stubbe T. C., Tarelli, I. & Hornberg, S. (Hrsg.). (2010). IGLU 2006 – Dokumentation der Erhebungsinstrumente. Münster: Waxmann.) (in German)


Monika Lacher
FDZ Secretary
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Selection of Publications using the Data

The IGLU 2006 publications list can be found here as PDF-file for download:

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