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Educational Processes, Competence Development and Selection Decisions in Preschool and School Age (BiKS-8-14)

Research Question

The focus of the second longitudinal study (BiKS-8-14) was on the different development and decision patterns of children before and after the transition to different school types at secondary level (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium).

Test Language


Test Period

The assessments started in the spring 2006 in the third grade of different primary schools. There the children were surveyed on three measurement points at a six-month interval. The majority of these children moved on to a secondary school in summer 2007. Along with new classmates, these children and their parents were then monitored at annual intervals across five times of measurement until the end of the ninth grade.

Test Area

Bavaria and Hessen (no Länder representative samples)

Target Persons

Children and adolescents from the third grade in primary school up to school grade 9

Context Persons

Parents and teachers of the participating children and adolescents

Population / Sample

The sample of the second longitudinal section is connected to the first one. Basic units are the elementary schools the children from BiKS 3-10 moved on to. The result was the following disproportional distribution:

  • On the Länder level: ratio Bavarian and Hessian secondary schools 60:40 (155 totally)
  • Large cities: one third of the Bavarian and Hessian schools are from the large city regions Nuremberg resp. Frankfurt

Due to recruiting problems at the school level the connection of the samples could not be realized completely. The replacement schools were randomly sampled according to the same stratifications which were used for the kindergartens (at the Länder and city level).

Sample Size

Starting sample: n= circa 2,400 target persons
Supplementary sample: n= circa 3,000 target persons

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Competency tests,
Questionnaires for the educational staff,
Questionnaires for the parents and students,
Interviews with the parents

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Persistent Identifier

DOI: 10.5159/IQB_BIKS_8_14_v1

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A description of scales and variables used in the first survey phase are described in the scales handbooks on the homepage of the Research Data Centre (FDZ) at the IQB.

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