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Audiovisual Recordings of Lessons Taught in the GDR

Research Question

In the GDR lessons were recorded on one-inch video cassettes and VHS tapes since the early 1970s, for teacher training and research purposes. Roughly 200 of such recordings are still available today, originating from the Humboldt University in East Berlin, the Academy of Pedagogical Science (APW) in Berlin, and the Pedagogical Universities in Potsdam and Dresden. These historical sources span a broad scope of subjects, ranging from lessons in German, Mathematics, History and Civic Education to the sciences. It is thus possible to gain concrete insights into lessons taught in the GDR. Moreover, APW recordings from conferences and assessment material inform about research programmes conducted at the time. Furthermore, the stock also contains extracurricular material, such as instructional films, recordings of role plays, and drama enactments.

This material that is made accessible by FDZ Bildung relates to retrieved historical video recordings. Several decades have lapsed from production to digitization and access to the material, and in some cases a lack of information is evident regarding details of assessment and material.

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German Democratic Republic (GDR)

Survey Procedure and Instruments

Document analysis (video)

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Selection of Publications using the Data

Jehle, M. & Blessing, B. (2014). Using Classroom Recordings in Educational History Research. An East German Civics Lesson. Journal of social science education, 13 (1), 118-136.

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