University of Luxembourg

Research Foci in the Network:
Acquisition of Competencies and Professionalization, Educational Monitoring and Information
Research Disciplines:
Educational research, Psychology, Sociology
Contact at the Institute:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hadjar, Prof. Dr. Justin J.W. Powell (andreas.hadjar[at]; justin.powell[at]


The Research Group „Educational Processes in Contemporary Societies“ at the University of Luxembourg consists of members from two Institutes devoted to education research. The Institute of Education and Society connects social scientific perspectives on education and learning processes (educational theory, philosophy, history, and sociology). The main focus is on educational policies, systems and processes within particular cultural, political, and socio-economic contexts. Thus, particular importance is placed on historical, cross-national, and international perspectives. Objects of study, whether in quantitative or qualitative or historical and institutional analyses, are education policies, system development, learning processes and teaching, and learning within and outside educational organizations. The Institute of Teacher Professionalization and Psychology of Education (TPPE) emphasizes teacher education and professional development, teacher biographies, psychological and educational measurement and educational assessment and evaluation as well as general psychological characteristics. Teaching styles, educational assessment, and the teaching profession are at the core of the Institute’s quantitative und qualitative research.


The activities of the Research Group include editing journals and book series, contributing to national education reports (Germany, Luxembourg), organizing international conferences, evaluation and consulting in a range of countries and advisory board membership.


Promotion of Young Researchers